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Marco’s Premium Craft Lager Now Being Served Across Restaurant Estate

Marco Pierre White's new lager is now being served in selected restaurants across the UK.

The beer, which is called The Governor Great British Lager, is a full-bodied 4.7 per cent Pils-style lager. The second beer in Marco's range, it is brewed by Manchester-based JW Lees.

A full-bodied craft premium lager, it is made using all-English malt and goldings hops. Brewed in small batches, it has rich citrus aromas and is considered to represent the very best of British lager.

Presented in a contemporary shaped 330ml bottle, the branding is an update on Marco's 'Governor Ale' and displays a sleek, understated, premium design.

Marco said: "I've noticed more interest in premium, small brewer lagers than ever and this is a beer I've always wanted to produce. I wanted something that gave the perfect balance of malt and hops, British in its routes with a familiar Pils flavour.

"We will stock The Governor lager and The Governor Ale across my restaurants while…


Marco Clocks Up The Miles In Support Of New Steakhouse Menu

Marco has been clocking up the miles again this August, visiting numerous restaurants across the country.

Including a mix of lunch and dinner dining experiences, site visits took in Steakhouse Bar & Grills in Nottingham, Birmingham and Cadbury House in North Somerset, and coincided with the launch of the new steakhouse menu.

During the Birmingham visit, Marco also took part in a Q&A session where he chatted to a packed audience about how he became a chef, his journey to London and winning his three Michelin stars. He then answered a variety of questions from guests which proved very popular.

Always keen to meet customers, Marco signed copies of the ground-breaking 'White Heat', which has been described by one critic as being "possibly the most influential recipe book of the last 20 years".

With all venues selling-out, this underlines Marco's popularity and is a great way for him to talk about his philosophy of feeding people well in a nice environment.