Helping Brew Goodwill Across Rwanda

Across the MPW Restaurant estate, we serve the delicious and ethically sourced Teapigs brand.

A core part of Teapigs is its ethical scheme which is committed to giving back to the tea growing communities that the tea comes from. This includes a charity in Rwanda called the Point Foundation which directly supports educational opportunities for vulnerable people.

With every pack of everyday brew and single estate breakfast tea that is sold, Teapigs makes an automatic donation to the Point Foundation.

And thanks to contributions from the MPW Restaurants estate, Teapigs has now, to date, donated close to £400,000 which has helped buy textbooks for children or health insurance and medication. It has also helped with the building of the Mwogo Vocational training centre which has been transformed into a teaching centre and has started to bring skills to one of Rwanda’s poorest areas.

It's thanks to the support from our franchise partners, that this has been achieved so on behalf of Teapigs and The Point Foundation a big thanks to you all.

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